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Talking about CSREPL – REPL for C#

Here is a little update to Don Box’s very cool CSREPL – REPL for C# program.  I added multiline support, a"Go" cmd (ala SQL), and Eval and Exit commands.  Just run the the console program and type some c# and type … Continue reading

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Talking about Whdbey Beta2 Build Number and the Build Numbering Scheme we use in DevDev

ScottGu’s Blog tells how they number the VS builds… "As an aside, the version numbering system we use within the developer division is somewhat clever yet simple.  Some teams just increment the build number by one on each build (1, … Continue reading

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Simple and fast SMTP client in C#

Here is a super easy way to send mail in 2 lines of c#.  Does not require CDO or other.  Just create an instance of the Smtp class with your ISP’s (or local server) SMTP server name and tcp port number … Continue reading

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Split a string with a “string” as the delimeter.

The CLR string.split() method lets you split string with one or more single characters.  However, what if you wanted to use another string as the delimiter.  You can’t do it with string.split().  Here is a simple way to do it using … Continue reading

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Get your public IP (i.e. DSL router, etc) in a few C# lines.

Here is an easy way to find your public IP address.   If you or your customers have DSL, chances are the ISP uses DHCP to assign the IP address to the router.  If the ISP assigns fixed IP to you, … Continue reading

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