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Updating Form UI controls from any thread.

Here is a general pattern you can use to update a Form from any thread.  Surface your method as a public method.  Now any thread can call this method that has a reference to the form object.  Inside that public method, … Continue reading

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Blocking Queue and usage in GUI server example

Posted a sample multithreaded server at Channel9 that shows how one may use a Blocking Queue design in server design.  Get the c# project at: –William

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If you ever run into limits of the system ThreadPool, you may want to use a custom pool.  Here are two implementations that can be used as is or extended. ManagedThreadPool (Stephan Toub [MS]) Smart Thread Pool (Ami Bar) – … Continue reading

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Utils Class (used by GetSCT methods)

Some have wanted the Utils class for some of the methods I used in the GetSCT blog.  Contains some helper methods you may use at times.  Here it is using System;using System.Text;using System.Security.Cryptography;using System.IO;using System.Globalization;using System.Xml;using System.Management;using Microsoft.Win32;using System.Reflection;using System.IO.IsolatedStorage; … Continue reading

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WSE 2.0 SP3 released

WSE 2.0 SP3 has just been released on MSDN  here. –William

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