Febco 765 Sprinkler Backflow Repair

Ok, first none technical post in a long time.  It is rare when you find something that is cheaper, better, and designed better then the original repair part.  This gave me some joy, so I felt it deserved a post for someone else.  If you have a Febco 765 Backflow on your house for your sprinkler system (as many do), don’t buy the Febco replacement Bonnet and Poppet kit as it is junk (the rest of the unit is good).  This Blue Heron replacement is 5 times better.  Better plastic and better design. DIY for about $30 bucks from SpinklerWarehouse.  A plumber or sprinkler guy will charge you $100-$200 for the repair and will probably not use this fine part.  Even if you don’t need one yet, I would buy this, replace current and keep old one as emergency spare.



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