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Transaction is not allowed error using ADO.Net Entities.

Doing some ADO.Net Entity queries and updates the other day, I kept getting this exception: "New transaction is not allowed because there are other threads running in the session." foreach (Users u in db.Users.Include("Queries")){       // A db.SaveChanges() here will … Continue reading

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ADO.Net Data Services after Silverlight Tools sp1

After installing Silverlight VS Tools SP1 beta, not only did SL designer not work, but it somehow messed up my ADO.Net REST services.  Was getting strange exceptions.  I uninstalled SL Tools and reinstalled VS SP1 (not sure if that was … Continue reading

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Turn off feed reading view to debug your ADO.Net

If your trying to expose a new ADO.Net dataservice and work some samples, you may get some strange output in your IE that looks like a feed page and wonder why you can’t see the XML as the samples show.  … Continue reading

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Silverlight Streaming Service

If you have not looked at in a while, the new SL service allows you to directly upload you .wmv files.  So you don’t need to use Encoder anymore to encode a SL video into a SL application.  This makes … Continue reading

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Microsoft Response Point PBX

Man, I am really excited about the new small business PBX system MS released – Response Point. It seems like one of those no brainers – Create a platform that can be extended and programmed against easily using .Net, have … Continue reading

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