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GetKey managed RSA keypair util. Adds to sn.exe

Ever been using RSA keys in an app and SN.exe leaves you wanting?  I created this c# to address some of the things I always wanted in sn, but was to afraid ot ask for (well not really.)  This has things … Continue reading

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Upload / Download to Sql 2005

With SQL2005 new VarBinary(max) datatype, it will be more common and easier to store and manage large byte[]s in SQL.  Forget about Blobs, you can now think and act in terms of standard byte[]s.  To manage byte[] columns is different … Continue reading

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CRC32 in c#

If you need a CRC32 on a file or stream, here is some c# to do that: // program.csusing System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Text; namespace CRC32{      // Sample program to show usage of crc32 usage.  You can also pass a Stream.    class Program    {        … Continue reading

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PDC 2005 – Got Code?

Hope to see you at PDC 2005!

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