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LightSwitch timeouts and SessionState service

In terms of IIS, a LS app is just another web app, so all the same rules apply such as Forms Session cookies.  I had taken care to set session timeouts, but still was having timeouts at random times which … Continue reading

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LightSwitch and Slot number order for Auditions Sample

Create a junction table to map Auditions to People. The AuditionSlots table will include the SlotNumber (make Unique) and the Person and Audition (make Unique). This way, slot numbers are unique per audition. Change the slot numbers to reorder acts … Continue reading

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Febco 765 Sprinkler Backflow Repair

Ok, first none technical post in a long time.  It is rare when you find something that is cheaper, better, and designed better then the original repair part.  This gave me some joy, so I felt it deserved a post … Continue reading

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Switch your lights with LightSwitch

With a name like LightSwitch, you know someone had to do it eventually. Here is fun little project that combines Microsoft LightSwitch and a Microsoft Micro Framework controller to switch LEDs on and off.  Here is the hardware: FEZ Panda … Continue reading

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NETMF Get/Set Real Time Clock (RTC)

Just a short reminder post on how to get and set RTC.  The RTC is powered by VBatt pin and keeps the RTC ticking with the time after you set it once.  After you set it, then just read the … Continue reading

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FEZ firmware update helper

Just wanted a reminder post when I have to update FEZ with new firmware. Update Fez Firmware1) Hold LDR button then plug in USB.  New comm port should appear in devices (i.e. comm13)2) Open TeraTerm3) Erase current with E4) Load … Continue reading

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NETMF Servo classes (PWM and Software versions)

Just posting some servo classes.  One for hardware PWM control and one for software PWM using OutputCompare. Never know when you may need. using System; using GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ; using GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware; namespace MicroFezRobot { public class ServoHardPWM : IServo { readonly PWM … Continue reading

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