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Febco 765 Sprinkler Backflow Repair

Ok, first none technical post in a long time.  It is rare when you find something that is cheaper, better, and designed better then the original repair part.  This gave me some joy, so I felt it deserved a post … Continue reading

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Connecting Pololu Dual Motor Controller to FEZ Domino

Connecting the Pololu to an MCU is not at all obvious at first (at least for me), and the directions did not help in that regard (unless you already did it once).  So here is a step-by-step recipe.   Recipe … Continue reading

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First PCB boards arrived

Well, I just got my first PCBs back from DorkbotPDX on 3/4/11.  Visit to get started. Lean (owner of DorkbotPDX) collects files from multiple people and puts together a larger board for a production run at a US board … Continue reading

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LINQ to Robots by way of REST

So I wanted a general way to control my .Net Micro Framework (NETMF) device (e.g. FEZ board) from a web service. So that I could define one interface and use any type of client to call the interface (such as … Continue reading

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What is Truth?

What is the truth? If four people standing at four sides of building describe it, they will have four different descriptions of what they see. Their descriptions can also vary based on time of day. So the truth is the … Continue reading

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The benefits of Silverlight

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ReportViewer with nested tables

Sometimes you may need a report that can not be done easily with standard grouping in a table.  Say you want to a repeatable data region that is repeated by an outer group, but contains two other tables an maybe … Continue reading

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