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Finding SN hash of assembly

Shawn blogs in detail about finding the SN hash of an assembly at  He also continued some other ideas at  Nice work. —William Advertisements

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Get RSA Public key from Assembly or SNK File

I use this class to return RSA public key from Signed Assembly (i.e. SN assembly.)  Works with SNK file too (I think Whidbey will include this too). using System;using System.IO;using System.Text;using System.Xml; using System.Reflection;using System.Security.Cryptography; using System.Collections; namespace WSESimpleTCPDLL{ /// <summary> /// … Continue reading

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WinLogon Helper class

Here is a class I used in other postings to get authenticate a user/password to Windows and optionally return a WindowsPrincipal object on success.  Useful for the tool bag. using System;using System.Runtime.InteropServices;using System.Security.Principal;using System.Security.Permissions;using System.Reflection; namespace WSESimpleTCPDLL{ public enum LogonType : … Continue reading

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Get SecurityContextToken C# Code

[Updated 1/28/05]  – Encrypted the client public key (modulus).  Broke into 2 parts as full byte[] is too large for 1024 encrypt operation.  This encryption of public key is probably not required, but now attacker has NO information to work on.  – … Continue reading

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Create SecurityContextTokens without X509 Certs

So I wanted to roll my own SecurityContextToken (SCT) service.  Not because I want to reinvent the wheel, but because I did not want to have to use X509 certs and because I could not figure out how to issue … Continue reading

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X509 Certs -vs- Std RSA PKI

It easy to get lost in the hype regarding X509 certs.  Most things these days talk about X509 certs and using them for security.  However, I am not as impressed from a security perspective.  The underlying PKI is secure (as … Continue reading

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I don’t like trackbacks.  They don’t flow with the replies.  You have to link to another window to read and then get lost in some other nesting.  It would seem better to just have a text reply and optionally a … Continue reading

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