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BizTalk 2004

Aaron Skonnard put this up at his blog.  I just repro it here for archive and mental ref to myself and others.  Also note BizTalk has a WSE adapter at   "One of the most common questions that comes … Continue reading

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Get local DNS server addresses and domain name.

Here is a way to get the host, domain name, and DNS servers of local machine. using System;using System.Net;using System.Collections;using System.Runtime.InteropServices;using MVPTools; namespace MVPTools.Net{ /// <summary> /// Summary description for IPConfig. /// </summary> public class IPConfig {  private string hostName;  private string domainName;  private IPAddress[] dnsServers;   public IPConfig()  {   GetParms();  } … Continue reading

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Permuted order of array.

Permutes the order of an array so that each call to .GetNext() will sort the array into the next order.  No order is repeated until all orders have been "seen", then it starts over.  The cool thing is no state … Continue reading

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SHA1 Broken?

SHA1 Broken?  See here. Here is a nice table of hash functions and attacks. Sam makes an interesting point.  We probably don’t have to worry about this too soon.. "Dougal, put another way: an uncracked MD5 gives you … Continue reading

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Threaded server design

Two pretty good papers on Threaded server design that are worth reading.  I like the second one. –William

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This is how most people get around your security

How true. (from Keith)

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Replace Strong Name on Assembly

Seems I always end up searching for how to do this as it gets asked a lot.  Here is a good link on one way to do it: Note, the only reason for the tool is to change the public … Continue reading

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