MS Small Business Accounting Platform – Cool!

This new product has actually got me thinking about accounting again.  Accounting is like watching paint dry, but every one of your customers needs it in some form.  QuickBooks is great, I use it myself for our business.  However, if you have a custom need, it becomes very hard or impossible to make a simple change.  For example, it took me a whole day one time to figure out how to add an invoice via import that ended up I could not do what I needed anyway.  MS’s product is fully .Net enabled.  The SDK exports managed APIs and object models so any custom inputs/reports/etc can be bone simple and done in C# which I love.  I had serious accounting backgroud at Walsh along with my CIS degree, but have forgot a lot of the accounting.  However, I still have the background and am pretty handy with C#, so maybe there is small business consulting in my future based around this product.  Look forward to seeing it and working over the APIs.

.Net Show

Small Business Accounting link


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