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Proposed changes to Sql Reports

  Sql Reporting (SRS with Report Builder and Report Designer) is really cool.  However, the other day I cracked it open to do some reports for an application I am working on and felt that it is already showing age.  … Continue reading

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Replace spaces inside quotes in SQL Clr function

Someone on one of the NGs wanted a way to replace spaces inside quotes in a string with another string.  But not touch any other space unless it was inside quotes.  Here is the sql clr UDF that does this. … Continue reading

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Upload / Download to Sql 2005

With SQL2005 new VarBinary(max) datatype, it will be more common and easier to store and manage large byte[]s in SQL.  Forget about Blobs, you can now think and act in terms of standard byte[]s.  To manage byte[] columns is different … Continue reading

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