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Fez Project 2–LED with button

Expanding on Project 1, we will add a button to light our LED.  In canonical circuits, you might just add a switch in-line with your LED.  That would work fine.  However, we have a fancy MCU we want to use … Continue reading

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FEZ Project 1–LED Driver

So you got your FEZ and downloaded your firmware and ran some sample code.  Now what?  If you like the most of us, you want to drive a LED and have turn on and off or blink at your command.  … Continue reading

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NETMF Blocks – Like Legos, but software

Microsoft’s TPL and TPL Dataflow are great new libraries for .Net. But, as normal, NETMF will not have these great new features because of limited space and lack of generics (at least for some time). Even so, the new Block … Continue reading

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Consumer-Producer in NETMF using a BoundedBuffer

I will try to add some more context here, but for now, I will try to post the essentials.  Passing data between threads can be done in various ways.  Probably the most common pattern is the consumer-producer pattern using a … Continue reading

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