Fritzing–Your virtual breadboard

The forums pointed me to the coolest little virtual breadboard tool called Fritzing. Download here  It is still in Alpha, but already very useful as seen below.  It is more a documentation tool as it does not do any circuit simulation. But it does have a full tool library of the most common components. You can also add your own parts to a user parts Bin.  Someone on the site added a Fez Mini board to the library. So I just downloaded the part and imported it with Fritzing.  This makes it almost a joy to hookup circuits before committing to solder or BB.  You can almost grab the parts they look so good.  The results are so clear it is just a great way to noodle out and document a project for blogging or documentation of your projects.  Another nice feature is it also has a schematic editor, and PCB editor views that stay in sync.  Nice application so far and look forward to final release.

Fritz also makes it easy to share your project with a single file *.fzz:

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