What is Truth?

What is the truth? If four people standing at four sides of building describe it, they will have four different descriptions of what they see. Their descriptions can also vary based on time of day. So the truth is the building – there is only one building. However, we can see four different things and argue about who is right, but yet we are all right. If we could remember to use this fact in all discussion of religion, politics, and science, how might this effect everything? We all are in search of the truth, we must remind ourselfs daily that we only see one piece of the truth, and depend on those around us to fill in the missing pieces.

Should we all were this sign around our necks:
1) I am required to describe my view to others so they can build picture of their missing view.
2) The only way I build a 3D picture of the entire building (i.e. Truth) is ask and listen intently to the three other people around the building.

I think maybe this is only way to discover truth and catch the creator at his work.
Unknown – “The reality we see around us both describes and hides the truth.”

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