WSE and SCTs without server certificates for FX2.0

Here is a complete VS solution demonstrating how use SCT security in WSE without needing to use Certs – Just RSA PKI.  Client side only needs the servers RSA public key – which in this sample is retrieved from the SN signed assembly itself.  Both console and windows clients in solution.  Server side is a console app.  Start server first, then one of the clients. 
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3 Responses to WSE and SCTs without server certificates for FX2.0

  1. Constantin says:

    At first look that is great. I have several comments first thing is that now the signature requires 32 bit key rather then 16 bit"sct.KeyBytes = iv; // 16 byte key for SCT." While building the code it still gives warnings and in the WSE 3.0 samples that is explain by using policy and filters. Is this possible by using send/receive filters?

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